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Crystal Suncatchers Hanging Suncatcher Rainbow Maker Handmade Gold Plated

(74 customer reviews)


  • 🌈Specification:This crystal suncatcher prisms made of clear K9 crystal and handmade gold plated, 38mm net type,38mm and 63mm new pipa crystal prisms, Metal bracket and color glass octagon beads chain.
  • 🌈Sparkling: This flawlessly color prism crystals is strung with sparkling crystals, the same crystal which is used for chandelier, has a beautiful light-catching effect.
  • 🌈Versatile: These crystal suncatchers was great for wind chimes, suncatchers, chandeliers, garden project, baby rooms, Christmas tree, curtains, windows, plants decorations.
  • 🌈Perfect gift idea:The crystal are packaged in a pink logo gift box. They will present as an elegant gift on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.
  • 🌈Warm Notice: To prevent crystal being scratched, the color chains will bee all separated and wrapped in film.

74 reviews for Crystal Suncatchers Hanging Suncatcher Rainbow Maker Handmade Gold Plated

    October 28, 2021
    The product is smaller than I expected, and not of the quality I would have expected for the price. Had a look at our local 'cheap and cheerful' bargain shop this afternoon and saw similar products for a fraction of the cost.
    Cheryl Royer
    October 28, 2021
    Very beautiful.
    Really is beautiful. I am very happy. If I could change anything it would be to tone down the shininess of the chain it's hanging from. Otherwise beautiful.
    October 23, 2021
    Me encanta.
    Si hubiera más estrellas más le daría, me encanta.
    Laure Highsmith
    October 21, 2021
    Super shiny!
    I hooked mine just outside my front door. It’s a cute little piece and it doesn’t make any noise which is nice if you’re looking for something like that. Very cute.
    Gloria Patterson
    October 21, 2021
    Beautiful and Elegant ........BUT
    This was packed in the right size box with foam . ((Warm Notice: To prevent crystal being scratched, the color chains will be all separated and wrapped in film )) Wrapping like this was great it protected the crystals and also kept them from getting tangled.. Like I said this was beautiful and elegant till you got to the BROWN STRING used to hang the suncatcher. I will be removing that string and replacing it with gold chain .
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    Haley Shockman
    October 19, 2021
    It was smaller than I thought but it is beautiful!
    2 people found this helpful
    Lydia Edwards
    October 7, 2021
    Gorgeous I’m obsessed
    The media could not be loaded.  My only con is I wish I had more
    Helen McClain
    October 1, 2021
    Crystal sun catcher
    Stunning will buy more small but not disappointed came well packaged too
    September 27, 2021
    The craftsmanship and sparkle is stunning. Highly recommend!
    Lina R
    September 26, 2021
    Wonderful purchase! It lights my room when the sun hits it.
    September 25, 2021
    Reflections from the Sun goddess
    If you hang it just right where it catches the sun; it creates beautiful reflections. A little hefty but quite pretty.
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    Maria G.
    September 22, 2021
    Just beautiful.
    I was really surprised when I opened the box and saw these beautiful crystals. They were packed with a lot of care. I was impressed with the quality of the sun catcher. The price is great too. This makes an amazing gift. Delivery was fast.
    7 people found this helpful
    September 21, 2021
    I got this for my mother for Mother’s Day and it is way better than the pictures let on! Absolutely gorgeous. After she opened it I immediately had to go buy one for myself
    September 19, 2021
    Price is good!
    Eliza Haney
    September 17, 2021
    So fun!
    Beautiful! Love it so much and my cats love to chase the shiny dots!
    Eleanor Wilson
    September 14, 2021
    Super cute and worth the money
    This is so cute! Everyone comments on it and 3 of my friends have also purchased it!
    Patty S.
    September 12, 2021
    This item is beautiful when the sun hits it beautiful even when the sun isn't shining on it.
    September 4, 2021
    It's gorgeous!
    I love the sparkle
    August 28, 2021
    Pleasantly surprised by the quality. A great inexpensive addition to my picture window.
    Bethalina Seitz
    August 27, 2021
    So pretty!!!
    I love it! ❤ It's so pretty with the pinks and purples. Comes with a nice big hook 🪝 to hang it. 👍🏻👍🏻
    7 people found this helpful
    August 24, 2021
    Beautiful suncatcher
    I was so pleased to see how beautiful this is. The pictures do not do it justice. It is very sparkly and is ready to hang right out of the box. It is larger than I thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise. I hung it in my front window, and it looks great even in the evening time.
    One person found this helpful
    August 23, 2021
    Absolutely love it! Got it for my mom and mother in law for Mother’s Day and they both loved it. Absolutely beautiful in person
    Donna Parker
    August 22, 2021
    Absolutely beautiful
    Just beautiful, all that it says and more. Nice box, perfect for a gift.
    Katie McCoy
    August 16, 2021
    So pretty!
    Far better than the picture shows. Refracts light beautifully. Lots of color and it is a good size.
    One person found this helpful
    August 13, 2021
    Simply beautiful
    Gorgeous piece. That is all ❤️
    Vickie Burns
    August 9, 2021
    beautiful item!
    i gave it as a gift and my friend loves it
    alan williams
    August 8, 2021
    Awesome crystal suncatcher
    This is a very mesmerizing suncatcher. Looks like the heavens above with shooting stars and comets of color in the western sunlight. Very colorful. You will not regret this purchase. All hanging prisms hung on metal. The only problem I foresee is the jute being used for the main hanger of the piece. You will need to change it out to a coated cable wire to last.
    August 7, 2021
    So pretty and so many rainbows
    Sowmya Malayanur
    July 24, 2021
    Worth the money
    I have put it inside the house at the window. I would say I am satisfied with this product. Good suncatcher, I often see colorful spots (light reflects from the suncatcher and falls on my wall) on my wall during the day.
    Robert Millich
    July 14, 2021
    I hung mine up; didn't use a suction cup.
    Used product for decoration. Very pretty. Glad I bought it.
    michelle clarke
    July 8, 2021
    VERY HAPPY 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Absolutely delighted with this purchase, exactly what was advertised & actually I'd say it's alot better than I expected, lovely little piece for my bedroom window & quite heavy in weight, as I said delighted!! Would definitely recommend! The brown string (for me) adds a little rustic feel. Definitely 5⭐
    One person found this helpful
    July 7, 2021
    It’s gorgeous. I love it I love it I love it.
    I love it. In the morning I put it on the east side of the house window. Then in the evening I put it on the west side above my kitchen window. It’s gorgeous. Very classy looking in gold trim. Every young lady and woman would love this
    2 people found this helpful
    July 4, 2021
    It's the little things
    The media could not be loaded.  The seller has taken extra special care to individually wrap each set of crystals so they do not get scratched in transport.Color is gorgeous.Good size.I'm in love.Definitely recommend!
    9 people found this helpful
    July 4, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Wow. I was so impressed with this product! I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
    6 people found this helpful
    Miranda Blankenship
    June 26, 2021
    Totally gorgeous and worth it!
    These are beautiful and they look exactly like the picture. Highly recommend buying these as a gift or for yourself. I bought one for my mother and myself and love it so much. Makes beautiful rainbows on my wall.
    June 23, 2021
    Pictures don't do this suncatcher justice! My daughter gave it to me as a gift and it's so pretty! It makes tons of rainbows and is lovely even when light isn't coming through it. It makes my day a little more cheerful and I highly recommend it!
    June 19, 2021
    It is beautiful!
    Jessica H
    June 15, 2021
    Love it
    Wrapped so well and it’s such a beautiful and well done item. Highly recommend
    Jami Hanks
    June 7, 2021
    So beautiful I ordered two
    This was so beautiful that I went back an ordered another one. When the sun hits it, the number of prisms are amazing! I love it! Very magical!
    2 people found this helpful
    joe matheny
    June 7, 2021
    Very pretty
    The media could not be loaded.  Hangs lower than the others but it’s very pretty. Love it and recommend it
    May 21, 2021
    Gorgeous Chandelier Of Colors!
    Beautiful craftsmanship! My package came in super secure and individually wrapped with care. Just opening the box you can tell someone put a lot of effort into making sure it came to you in mint condition! The light show display during the brightest times of day is spectacular! The unique design and elegant style is perfect!
    Jane Stevens
    May 20, 2021
    Very nice!
    I was cautiously hoping this would be nice enough to hang in a window. I was really surprised at how pretty it is.
    May 12, 2021
    Super cute!
    I really like it! I am hanging it in my downstairs bedroom to keep it away from my cats. It's very beautiful and shiny so it attracts them. I'm very pleased with it!
    May 11, 2021
    Perfect Buy!
    The media could not be loaded.  Absolutely gorgeous to have hung up in your home. If the sun can hit it just right, creates the best shining affect. 10/10!
    2 people found this helpful
    Lesley Heath
    May 10, 2021
    I ordered two styles. The gold pyramid and the silver chandelier.
    Both items were accurate in description. Price was great and shipped fast. They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!. I would give as a gift and recommend to anyone.
    Monique Ferguson
    May 8, 2021
    Absolutely beautiful
    The media could not be loaded.  It is absolutely beautiful when the sun hits it the kids love the light that it brings into the house. Will be getting a few more
    May 7, 2021
    So pretty!
    Such a dainty and beautiful little chandelier like decoration for my front porch. I simply love it!
    Breanna Fulton
    April 26, 2021
    I bought two!
    Very beautiful, I can't stop looking at them. Highly recommend.
    April 21, 2021
    Hung it in my kitchen window where it could catch the sunlight. Beautiful colors.
    April 19, 2021
    So beautiful I bought 3
    The media could not be loaded.  I bought one and hung it from the plain ugly light fixture in my tiny apartment kitchen. It was beautiful but I wanted it to be bigger. Actually wanted it to be wider. So I ordered 2 more. I love it so much now.
    7 people found this helpful
    April 16, 2021
    Absolutely beautiful! Will be ordering more for holiday gifts. Stunning!
    April 15, 2021
    Love the colors
    These are beautiful in the sunlight and the same not so sunny wish they were cheaper though
    One person found this helpful
    March 27, 2021
    Great gift to give anyone.
    So beautiful, I’m so glad that I purchased this. My daughter-in-law loved it.
    Karen Gibson
    March 19, 2021
    March 16, 2021
    Colorful & sparkly
    I purchased this with the intention of giving it as a gift. NOPE! It's so pretty, well made and it's sparkly, I kept it for myself. I love it!!
    March 15, 2021
    A True SunCatcher
    It's so beautiful and really sparkles when the sun hits it. I would definitely give as a gift. Worth every penny!
    Leslie Albano
    March 11, 2021
    Cute, smaller than I thought, fragile.
    Very cute and a nice gift for my youngest daughter to hang in her window. Smaller in size than I thought and definitely fragile .
    March 10, 2021
    Exceeded my expectations!
    I rarely write reviews but have to say this product is awesome. It came well packaged, is well made, and is even more beautiful in person. It is by far my favorite suncatcher i have ever purchased!
    20 people found this helpful
    Katie Johnson
    March 8, 2021
    So pretty!!
    I bought this for myself, I love it, and I would happily purchase more (especially for gifts!!)
    Julie Hokanson
    March 7, 2021
    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! This sun catcher is spectacular! It was very well packaged and protected. I am VERY happy with this purchase. I will be buying more not only for myself but as gifts. Highly reccommend!!!
    March 6, 2021
    Got this for my mom. She loves it. It really is gorgeous.
    February 27, 2021
    Stunning get it and get it fast
    The media could not be loaded.  This would be a great gift and great quality
    22 people found this helpful
    Helen McClain
    February 21, 2021
    Crystal sun catcher
    Stunning will buy more small but not disappointed came well packaged too
    Patricia Pendergraft
    February 12, 2021
    Dont need to fill the blanks
    Dont need to fill out review
    Alexandra Martinez
    February 8, 2021
    Worth your money!!! Love how my sun catcher looks outside! I am always in awe when I go out to my garden now
    February 7, 2021
    Pretty colors all around
    I really like this sun catcher. It makes pretty prism colors. Only the large ball is made of glass but all the smaller parts create the same prisms. My cat broke one of the longer hanging parts so that it hangs down longer than the rest, so now I am thinking of just disconnecting the rest so it is consistent. My cat can really be a holy terror.
    January 24, 2021
    exactly what I wanted
    This is a beautiful suncather, it comes packaged nicely and protected. I can easily hang it using a command hook and the hook it comes with.
    lovely customer
    January 20, 2021
    Better than anticipated
    I assumed that for the price point this would be coated plastic, but it is glass. I love it and hung it in my sunny kitchen. Absolutely beautiful.
    January 20, 2021
    So beautiful got it for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loved it.
    January 16, 2021
    Great Gift
    I got this as a birthday gift for my mom. It was exactly as described and arrived in excellent packaging. I especially liked that each of the larger crystals was packaged in an individual plastic baggie to protect it in transit.
    Ginger J.
    January 15, 2021
    Absolutely beautiful
    Beautiful but will need to replace the string it hangs from with wire or chain. It’s outside on my fig tree but the string won’t last
    Kindle Customer
    January 12, 2021
    Was a gift and person loved it.
    Susannah Brodwin
    January 8, 2021
    It's beautiful!
    I love this! I have it in my bedroom where I can see it when I wake with the sun making rainbows all over the room from these beautiful crystals!
    7 people found this helpful
    Jan B
    January 1, 2021
    Eye catching
    It is very pretty. The only problem the little rings that hold it together are very thin and pull loose easily and the string that holds it together is not very sturdy but it is very very pretty I would be afraid to give it as a gift because it might fall apart over a little bit of time. So my suggestion is that stronger hooks on it and thicker or a different kind of rope to hang up with .
    One person found this helpful
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