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Energy saving heating pad portable heater foot warmer-silent

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Energy saving heating pad/ portable heater. Intelligent temperature control far-infrared. Safe, no light, no sound, no odor. The back of the heat insulation material effectively prevent heat from radiating. It consume less electricity than the regular heater.

Auto shut off save feature.

It has timer and you can set it to turn off automatically in 30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes / 2 hours / 3 hours / 4 hours.

Automatically power off after opening for 15 minutes without operation, if it is tilted 45° or more, or even if it is placed upside down, it will turn off automatically.

Easy to use and worry-free for children and the elderly.

Suitable for cold basement, bed, office desk, sofa, elderly people or anyone who needs a warmer environment.

Money saving. You don’t need to raise the temperature of your thermostat to heat up the whole house anymore. Just this quiet heater is enough for your workspace or bed. It will save you a lot of money.

Safe material: Flame-resistance waterproof material. Auto turn off when you kick it over by accident.


Adjustable temperature. The bottom panel is heated as well and your cold foot will become warm quickly. The left, right, front, bottom panels are heated. The top is a removable cover(non heated)

Easy to use it. Place it under the table, in front of the sofa, or in front of the bed. You can fold it flat and it fits in a large luggage.

Great gift for anyone who has cold feet. Your friend will love it.


This product has patent and high quality.

It is widely used in Japan.

Low electricity consumption!

Must have for winter!

Best gift for everyone.

It is silent so it won’t disturb you like other heaters that make noisy!


It is folded flat in shipping.

It is very east to carry around.

When you receive it, just open the 3 panels and plug it to the wall plug and you can use it right away.


We stand behind this excellent product.

This high quality product has 1 year warranty.

If it breaks in 1 year, you can send it back and we will send a new one.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
21.26 x 16.14 x 2.17 Inches


If you are from UK, please choose UK plug,

If you are from USA, please choose US plug.

If you are from European, please choose Euro plug

Price is in USD.


Plug type

US plug, UK plug, Euro Plug

14 reviews for Energy saving heating pad portable heater foot warmer-silent

    Justin M. Johnson
    October 11, 2021
    I love this heater. But it really does stink.
    I did a lot of research on these portable heaters. My feet and legs are freezing cold all winter long, even with very thick socks. This seemed like a great option - and it was, and is! However when it arrived it absolutely reeked. Exactly like sniffing a permanent marker. That’s exactly the smell. I left it in the garage overnight and the smell was reduced about 60-70%. If you leave it out two days, that’ll likely make a huge difference.The heater itself is awesome once it doesn’t stink of permanent markers! I’ve already recc’ed it to a few other people :)
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    ethan michael
    October 9, 2021
    Chemical Odor Easy Fix
    Like everyone else, my heater came with a powerful chemical smell. What I did to remove the odor is stand it up outside on my front porch. I left it out for 24-hours and I could no longer smell it. YMMV, you might need more or less time. I haven’t tried the heater yet.
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    Guy Y.
    October 5, 2021
    Pretty darn good
    I work from home. My desk is against a window. I want to look outside. But in the winter the cold air falls off the window onto my feet. Makes it colder under my desk as the cold air gets trapped there. I bought this hoping it would solve the issue. and honestly, for the most part, it does. I like the timer, no worries about leaving it on. I like you can adjust the settings for the not-so-cold days.The only reason for the 4 stars, I just wish it threw a little more heat. so far a happy warm feet
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    August 28, 2021
    Great Product
    I purchased this product because I am always cold. I have socks in my purse, car and friends houses. When I started a new job in a professional office I was told I couldn’t have the traditional coil heater and found this.When you unbox it it has a horrible plastic smell. This was in all the reviews and held true. I threw it in a spare bathroom for a few days and sprayed it with Fabreeze. Not a problem.Took it to work, plugged it in and settled in. It is set for three hour cycles but if you press on the power button a few times you can adjust it, the highest going to 12 hours.I have no idea what the numbers mean but it goes as high as 145 and as low as 85. This could be degrees but I just don’t know. I usually keep it at 145.I picked this one because if the top part. It helps trap all the heat in and keeps me nice and warm. The bottom will get very hot because I believe most if not all of the heat is from with the floor panel. Be aware if you have it on high it will be uncomfortable on your bare feet.I really like this one because it auto shuts off after the timer ends AND if it falls back it will automatically turn off. But when you fix it it’ll pop right back on. It’s big enough to fit my legs and thighs. I’m also a bigger person with very thick highs. I am also short, about 5’0. In my desk with my legs not pressed together I can absolutely comfortably fit. The panel on top can get annoying, it has no supports so you have to pick up up and scoot under. It is not as awkward as you’d think, super easy. I personally adjust my chair so the wheels do not sit on the bottom mat, only my feet. The top is also entirely removable but I have no plans to remove.I took one star away because 3/5 days it works perfect. There are a few days that the heat just isn’t there despite having it at 145. It isn’t the coldest days not the hottest, it’s random which I would prefer. But honestly I run it so often it really should be 4.5 because since February (it’s June) it runs 95% of the time. It could be from use or a manufacturing error.Unless you look no one notices it, it folds up sort of easy, silent, etc.Fantastic product
    August 16, 2021
    Really heats up and makes no noise!
    This heater heats up very quickly and even heats up the bottom part for your feet to rest on. It makes absolutely no noise and fits perfectly under a desk. It can also fold up once winter is over for easy storage. Has a really bad odor when you first open it, but I recommend leaving it in your garage for a day or two before using. Other than that, I really recommend this!
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    Op. Le
    July 18, 2021
    Very good quality
    Perfect product, does not have cheap plastic smell
    July 4, 2021
    Perfect solution for cold feet!
    I manage a dental practice, and the office is cold year round. My desk sits next to a window with curtains that during winter funnel cold air right under my desk. My ceramic disk heater blows over the top of my feet leaving them cold while making my legs too hot. I have been using this for several days, and I could not be happier with it. The three-sided heating with the reflector top provide just the right amount of heat supply and cold-protective barrier. I love this product!
    April 16, 2021
    It’s very warm and the price is reasonable. But it smells of chemistry, so I put it out for a few days and then used it. Good item for me.
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    heidi chilton
    April 14, 2021
    Great for kotatsu-style warmth
    I combine this with a sleeved blanket draped over the top, and the warmth flows up the blanket. Closest thing to a kotatsu I've ever had. It keeps me warm enough that I don't need to turn on the heat in my upstairs office. Should work equally well with a couch.
    One person found this helpful
    Leslie Beaudry
    March 22, 2021
    Love this thing!
    Work in a very drafty office and struggle to concentrate when my feet and legs are cold. Have been struggling with a space heater (on, off, move it here, move it there can't get comfortable). Placed this under my desk, and I do lay a light blanket over top and over my legs - it's great. I run it on the lowest heat setting and like that it has a timer so I don't worry I might forget to turn it off. The top is a somewhat floppy, so I would think you might need to set it on top of your knees - but using the little blanket creates a cozy space and I don't need to keep my knees under. Really love it.
    March 10, 2021
    It is very easy to use!
    Check Out this picture! In the bottom of item, there is a red line. It looks weird. But It is heating quickly.I love it!
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    Yuriy M
    March 5, 2021
    Good foot heater for the money
    The heater works well but, contrary to what the first review says, there is strong plastic smell right after opening and for the first few days. The heat output is good, so I am satisfied. However, if you decide to buy this, do not open the package indoors, and be ready to either manage the smell or leave the heater outside for 2-3 days until the plastic smell goes away (I kept mine in the garage for the first 2 days). The smell is gone now 3 days later though.
    January 11, 2021
    Excellent performance
    Assembly, function and performance are top notch! Definitely does what it is intended to do. Only complaint is the smell when you first start using it. Perfect for people with bad lower circulation with a desk job. Buy with confidence!!
    January 2, 2021
    Heats fast
    I like the heater but I put it on 115 to get enough heat from the sides which makes the bottom really hot but not a problem if u have shoes on, can't put bare feet or sock feet. If u turn it down u can but the heat on the sides goes down also but overall a good heater
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